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Love my Curry

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An authentic Indian restaurant that specializes in original local foods. Taste the authentic flavours and experience a highly exciting interior design.

Authentic curries, tikkas and koftas with rice, naan bread, potatoes and numerous other delights. Steaming dishes exuding the aromas of the freshly ground herbs and spices; the garam masalas. It is precisely these spices that lend Indian cuisine its delicious, unique and healthy quality. All these dishes are prepared and plate-served by the dedicated Indian chef who runs Love my Curry.

A traditional Indian meal comprises many dishes, served on a plate, divided into sections. Whether you opt for meat, fish or vegetarian; vegetables and pulses play an important role during the preparation stage. And, that’s not forgetting the delicious side dishes such as fresh yoghurt (curd), scrumptious chutneys and pickles.

At Love my Curry you will smell, taste, hear and experience a piece of India. The aromas, colours, sounds and interior fabrics – that of course also draw on the Bollywood style – make you feel you are there in person. India enthusiasts will feel right at home; Indian guests are keen to get a table. There can be no better endorsement of authenticity and quality, surely? Welcome to India at The Strip.

Opening hours:
Monday - Friday: 11:30 - 14:00.

  • HTC 1 (The Strip)
  • 5656 AE
  • Eindhoven
  • +31 (0)40 230 5777
  • Email

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