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CVM in a nutshell

A single “Milieuvergunning” or environmental permit has been granted by the Municipality of Eindhoven for all organizations located on High Tech Campus Eindhoven. CVM is the permit holder and manages this permit. By issuing partial permits to residents on HTCE, the responsibilities of the environmental permit are transferred to the organizations located on HTCE. Periodically, CVM conducts audits to ensure the various organizations are complying with their partial permits.

Partial Permit

Are you located at HTCE or are looking to move to Campus? If so, your organization will likely need a partial permit.

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Environmental incidents

Learn more about reporting environmental incidents at HTCE here.

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HTCE Rules

If you are located at HTCE, then (partial) permit regulations and other rules apply to your organization.

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Hazardous Materials

The specific rules for hazardous materials at HTCE are listed here.

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To ensure that all residents at HTCE comply with relevant environmental laws and regulations, the board has established a policy. You can download this policy here.

The day-to-day operations of CVM are performed by the HTCE Milieucoördinator(en). All residents on Campus contribute to the general operation of CVM.

Any organization located on HTCE may become a member of CVM, regardless of its environmental impact. Membership in CVM is free! As a member, you are allowed to vote on CVM's budget, bylaws and Environmental Regulations, amongst other activities.

Since CVM must deal with Dutch laws and regulations, and since communication with the competent authority must take place in Dutch, the choice has been made to produce all official documents in Dutch.

If you would like to know more about CVM, please feel free to contact the HTCE Milieucoördinator(en) at


CVM is governed by three members. At the June 15, 2022 General Assembly, the members elected a board for the period Oct. 28, 2022 to Oct. 28, 2025.

  • A.M. Riesewijk, president; 
  • J.M.J. Triepel, secretary;
  • I.P. Naus, treasurer.

For more information, send an email to: