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How can we help you with your documents at the Campus? Printing, copying, scanning, Desk Top Publishing, archiving, E-billing, Invoice-scanning, document Process Outsourcing? Whatever your question is, we can help you.

Visit us at The Strip or contact us via our website.

Outsource and improve your document processes
Outsourcing document processes is a challenge because they are so deeply embedded in your organization. Canon Business Services provides scalable document outsourcing solutions based on our unique approach to the people, processes and technology involved. They reduce costs and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your document processes. So your company can focus on core activities, react more quickly to change, and improve your customer experience.

Build business value with integrated document processes
Document processes are often set-up and managed at the department level, which can prevent you from leveraging them across your entire enterprise. Outsourcing can add measurable value to your business processes. Delivering that added value is our specialty. We look for ways to build new synergies in your document processes across the organization to help you take advantage of new technologies, increase productivity, accelerate your responsiveness and improve your customer experience.

We provide:

  • Communication that impacts your brand’s result
  • Advice on your multi-channel & cross-media concepts
  • A high-quality studio for all your design & production
  • Extra brains & hands that help to coordinate your campaigns
  • HTC 1 (The Strip)
  • 5656 AE
  • Eindhoven
  • 040 2304115 / 040 2304119
  • Email
  • Website
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