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Technical facilities

The AI Innovation Center is an open innovation facility at High Tech Campus Eindhoven. Our mission is to accelerate the application of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence technologies by companies in the bigger Brainport Eindhoven area.

To achieve this mission, the AI Innovation Center brings together technology companies, platform & service providers, research & educational institutes and other relevant ecosystem partners in a shared facility. 

In this hub, located in the heart of Europe’s smartest square kilometer, partners work together on challenges, share knowledge and accelerate AI applications in an open innovation environment. 

  • High Tech Campus 5
  • 5656 AE
  • Eindhoven
  • Email
  • This Center focusses on: 

    • Providing an AI ecosystem & infrastructure 
    • Accelerating AI projects and applications  
    • Hosting AI events & education  

    The Center is an initiative by High Tech Campus Eindhoven and co-founded by Brainport Eindhoven giants Philips, ASML, NXP and Signify and aims to drive the adoption of AI by companies of all sizes for the better of the regional economy and society.

    AI Ecosystem & Infrastructure

    The AI Innovation Center is an open ecosystem of large companies, startups, SMEs, research & educational institutes and service providers. All activities are focused on stimulating organizations to apply Data Science and AI technologies.  

    To achieve this, we bring together all relevant players to build an open ecosystem of AI minded people and organizations. Together, we develop the (technical) infrastructure that is needed for the execution of Data Science and AI applications.

    The AI Innovation Center invites you to become part of the ecosystem!

    AI Projects & Applications

    Together with our partners, we help companies go through the journey of starting with applying AI. Whether you’re startup or SME that wants to get more out of your data, or you’re mature in applying Data Science and AI technologies and you’re just looking for the right talent to execute a project, the AI Innovation Center is your point of entrance to find the right solution. Our Center acts as a platform to match supply and demand in the field of Data Science and AI.

    The AI Innovation Center is also the place where you can demo your AI application to a broad audience. Conveniently located in the heart of the Campus – The Strip – the Center offers the perfect showcase location to demonstrate your skills.

    A soft landing spot for AI startups 

    Are you an early phase startup and are you looking for an inspiring environment to turn your ideas into reality? We offer an incubation period to the most promising startups out there! In this six month period, you get a (flex) office space in the Center and access to all relevant knowledge and partners in our ecosystem. 

    Events & Professional Education

    Knowledge sharing has been a vital aspect for the open innovation culture at High Tech Campus Eindhoven. The AI Innovation Center builds on this tradition, by driving and facilitating knowledge sharing on AI related topics. We will host a lot of open sessions to get people and organizations on the learning curve, or to keep the experienced professional up to date about the latest and greatest developments in AI. On top of the open sessions, we're working together with partners on a professional education portfolio.

    The AI Innovation Center will physically open in March-April 2021. In the meantime, we're open to all questions, suggestions and potential collaborations. Please get in touch with:

    Paul van Son

    Htc 5 2

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