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One of Albert Heijn’s four store concepts is AH To Go, the modern-day convenience store in railway stations, hospitals, busy shopping streets and city centres. Here customers can buy a variety of fast food to eat on the move or at home. AH To Go can currently be found in 25 locations.

Customers have changed a lot in recent years. They want to spend less and less time cooking and therefore choose to buy more ready-made meals. These days a quarter of all meals are eaten outside the home. Customers buy breakfast, lunch, a full meal or snack en route to wherever they are going. AH To Go not only satisfies this demand, it is also located in the places that customers pass through every day, such as railway stations, hospitals and prime locations in city centres. Albert Heijn wants to be able to meet customers’ needs by offering the right formula in the right place at the right time.

The store is open on weekdays from 08.00-17.30hrs.

ATTENTION: We are closed from December 21st till January 2nd.

  • HTC 1 (The Strip)
  • 5656 AE
  • Eindhoven
  • 040-2517295
  • AH-to-go 1
    AH-to-go 2
    Ah-to-go 3
    AH-to-go 4
    AH-to-go 6

    Convenience, quality and freshness – these are the characteristics of a thousand AH To Go items. The shops are relatively small and range from 75 to 150 m2 in size. These convenience stores provide a fast and varied solution for customers with busy lives – something for now, such as a filled roll, or indeed a ready-made meal to be enjoyed later at home. At the front of the shop there are products for immediate consumption: no fast, greasy snacks, but sensible and tasty ones instead. The products are freshly prepared and are ready to be picked up. In this way AH To Go is trying to distinguish itself clearly from the existing snack bars and sandwich shops. Towards the back of the AH To Go shop there are products for consumption later. This section is further divided according to the times of day when the products are likely to be consumed: a meal, snack, breakfast or lunch. The shop also sells a limited range of basic daily groceries.

    On average AH To Go customers spend only three minutes in the shop. Most of the AH To Go customers do not have the time to sit down and enjoy the product they have just purchased. That’s why AH To Go is not a traditional supermarket with shelves, but more of a walk-through shop with a lot of fresh food and drink, some of which is prepared on the premises. Customers can see where things are at a glance. The shop creates a fast, modern and dynamic impression with instant communication and an up-to-date layout. It has trendy spotlights, a rough ceiling and lots and lots of space.

    The AH To Go convenience stores are just one of four types of Albert Heijn shops. Modern-day consumers no longer buy everything in one and the same shop. They buy things in the place and at the time that suits them best, such as locally or on their way to somewhere. Albert Heijn is responding to this trend by locating its shops in different sorts of locations and adjusting the range and layout to suit the specific requirements of its customers. The best-known are the local Albert Heijn supermarkets where people buy all their daily groceries. Albert Heijn XL is the solution for customers who want their shopping trip to be more relaxing and enjoyable. And if you live in the ‘Randstad’ (the urban agglomeration in the West of the Netherlands), you can choose to have your shopping delivered to your door using the Albert online delivery service.

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