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High Tech Campus Eindhoven


Language: English
Date: 27 Feb 2023
Time: 16:00 - 18:00
Entry fee: Free


Conference Center, Ernst

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Marketing Maniacs is the community of marketing professionals on the High Tech Campus. The main goal is to connect and to share inspiring examples of what HTC residents are doing in the Marketing domain. Because stronger Marketing means stronger High Tech Companies. Learn more on previous editions at the Marketing Maniacs website.

In the fourth session of Marketing Maniacs we look forward again to hearing interesting stories from the field. This time we will focus on the topic of Branding and Re-branding.

We have two interesting speakers who both earned their credentials in this area.

The first topic will be covered by Gerard Buitendijk of TMC, who will talk about the rebranding project that TMC went through last year.

Our second speaker is Stephan van de Kimmenade, creative director of agency We’re Someone, who will share from his longstanding experience in (re)branding.

The session is followed by drinks in the Conference Center.

Marketing Maniacs, because stronger Marketing means stronger High Tech Companies



15.45 Walk in, Conference Center of High Tech Campus Eindhoven

16.00 Elena Kazakova, Welcome

16.05 Gerard Buitendijk, ‘Rebranding for TMC’

16.25 Stephan van de Kimmenade, ‘My vision on branding and rebranding’

16.45 Open Mic

16.50 Quiz

17.00 Drinks


Gerard Buitendijk

After more than 25 years working as a creative on the agency side and as an independent, Gerard joined TMC as the International Marketing Manager. As TMC took off in its international expansion, Gerard overlooked the rebranding of the company. He will share his experiences in doing so, both from a brand perspective as well as from a change perspective.

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Stephan van de Kimmenade

Stephan is the creative director of agency We’re Someone. He has a resume spanning 30 years of experience in the creative industry and is well known for his branding work. Most certainly you have seen some of it. (e.g. the branding of the High Tech Campus was one of his works!). Stephan will talk about his recent experiences and explain what his view is on branding and rebranding projects.

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