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About UAM Hub

We accelerate the transition to urban drone applications.

Emerging from the success of Flying Forward 2020 (FF2020), High Tech Campus Eindhoven has laid the foundation to setup a BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line Of Sight) urban drone test site and a new UAM open innovation ecosystem: UAM Hub.

We aspire to expand the Dutch drone ecosystem through collaboration in business development and marketing activities. We achieve this through shared projects, challenges, events and consortia building for national and international subsidy calls.

Your contribution is used to acquire use cases and projects, run challenges, apply for subsidies, organize events, grow and maintain the UAM community and to develop the infrastructure to enable the adoption of drones within cities!

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Urban Air Mobility applications are build together.

Find the right partnership package for your organization. Different packages are on offer for different roles within the UAM Hub ecosystem. It is possible to take on multiple roles within the hub.

Strategic partners

For the adoption of UAM innovations in the city of the future in a safe, secure, efficient and innovative way.

Project partners

To integrate UAM technologies for greener, smarter, faster and safer products, services and processes.

Technology Partners

Take part in the UAM Hub's joint business development, marketing, projects, challenges and consortium building for national and international subsidy calls.

Urban Air Mobility applications are build together

Technology partners carry out the projects and challenges, supplying the hub and its clients with their expertise and knowledge. UAM Hub initiates, guides and monitors each project and acts as quality control. UAM Hub focuses on converting use cases into projects and challenges. With many more to come...

If you would like to set up or participate in our projects and challenges, please contact us by clicking the button below and sending us an email. We would love to hear from you!


  • Enhanced surveillance: Drones with cameras provide real-time video footage, improving surveillance and increasing chances of detecting suspicious activity.
  • Reduced risk to personnel: Drones can patrol dangerous or difficult areas, reducing risk of injury to security personnel while maintaining comprehensive surveillance.
  • Improved efficiency: Drones cover large areas of campus quickly, reducing the need for physical patrolling and saving time and resources.
  • Improved safety: Drones eliminate the need for inspectors to climb or use scaffolding, reducing the risk of accidents.
  • Faster inspections: Drones can quickly capture high-resolution images, allowing inspectors to identify issues faster and reduce inspection costs.
  • More comprehensive data: Drones can capture a wealth of data, including high-resolution images and thermal imagery, providing a more comprehensive picture of the complete building condition.
  • Faster delivery: Drones can bypass traffic and other obstacles, enabling faster delivery times and potentially improving customer satisfaction.
  • Cost-effective: Drones can be cheaper to operate than traditional delivery methods, reducing delivery costs and increasing profitability.
  • Environmental benefits: Drones produce fewer emissions than delivery trucks, making them a more environmentally friendly option for last mile delivery.

Launch event aftermovie

On May 31st, we officially launched the Urban Air Mobility (UAM) Hub on the High Tech Campus. During the launch, 11 exciting drone demonstrations were showcased by companies like Flyvercity, Senhive, and Altitude Angel.

The UAM Hub will bring together developers of urban air mobility technologies, strategic partners working on UAM innovations in the city of the future, and end users integrating UAM applications starting with security, inspection, and delivery. 

Watch our after movie below:

BVLOS urban drone test site

Located in the beating heart of Europe’s smartest technology ecosystem. UAM Hub offers the HTCE area as urban test site for drone operations. The test site is a living lab for socially relevant and commercial drone applications. Our test infrastructure and covenant with the Controlled Traffic Region (CTR) allows us to easily fly in the specific category on a daily basis.

UAM Hub is allowed to offer multiple types of operation on its 1km² of urban test site: BVLOS, autonomous, outside daylight hours (UDP, at night), over sparsely populated areas, near objects and buildings, near road and waterways, near and over uninvolved people, EVLOS, atypical airspace, (un-)controlled ground area, up to 120m AGL.

Building on the success of Flying Forward 2020

UAM Hub emerged from the Flying Forward 2020 (FF2020) collaborative research in which High Tech Campus Eindhoven acted as the first living lab. During the research we conducted autonomous drone operations on the campus premises, this has led to the collective knowledge and expertise which we extended and now use to develop UAM applications for clients and customers of UAM Hub.

Flying Forward 2020 is a collaborative three-year research and innovation project developing an entire state-of-the-art Urban Air Mobility (UAM) infrastructure by incorporating this new form of mobility within the geospatial digital infrastructure of cities.

Building and incorporating related data from UAM infrastructures and operations in cities' digital infrastructures will allow society to fly forward in a safe, secure and effective way. This will make life easier, cheaper, and will also provide more opportunities for getting products faster and more efficiently across Europe.

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Are you interested in becoming a partner of UAM Hub? Do you want to join the latest UAM ecosystem which collaborates with partners on joint business development and marketing activities? We are always looking for new partners that can contribute to our mission: Get in touch! Let’s discuss how we can collaborate.

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