With numerous housing options and facilities available at High Tech Campus Eindhoven, we have the office, laboratory or industrial space to suit your needs from 20 m² right up to 10.000 m². They all offer outstanding price-quality with excellent IT facilities and infrastructure options. All facilities of The Strip are just a few minutes’ walk away.

High-quality workspace with technical facilities

The Smart Industry Building offers an exceptional workspace, combining high-quality office areas, well-equipped workshop facilities, and research rooms. Located in a serene and verdant environment within a vibrant campus, this unique space provides a perfect blend of productivity and tranquility. The strategically positioned entrances facing the river valley provide a picturesque view of the meandering River Dommel and lush greenery, while also enhancing the visibility of your company from the outside. The workshop facility, accompanied by a storage area, is conveniently situated at the rear of the building, providing easy access and efficient operations.


  • An inspiring combination of office space, workshop facility and research room under one roof
  • Business partners ‘in the next office’
  • The flexibility to arrange business premises completely according to your wishes
  • Excellent (tech) infrastructure and facilities
  • Units ranging in size from approx. 500m² to 2,000 m²
  • Test facilities and storage space available


With an own highway exit (A2/N2) and direct bus lanes, shared cars and bikes the High Tech Campus is very well accessible. Our Campus has 10 parking buildings, with the latest electric charging options. 

The multiple access ports give entrance from the highway, the city and more areas which are essential to the Brainport region. With many bicycle lanes the Campus is very friendly for sportive commuters.

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Are you interested in accelerating your business at High Tech Campus Eindhoven? Do you need Office, Lab or Industrial Space for your engineers, staff or management? We can help you! We offer spaces from 20m² till 10.000m². There are several options at the North- or Southside of the Campus in a small-sized building, medium-sized building or even a new building.

Elsbeth Smit
Senior Director Real Estate