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Swiss Post Solutions

Swiss Post Solutions is located above the AH to go, at The Strip. At the desk the employee of the HTC can ask everything about their mail and parcels and they can also make requests for various logistics activities performed by Swiss Post Solutions.

Hereby the shipping form (verzendformulier) of Swiss Post

If requested before 11.00 A.M. by mail parcelrequest@hightechcampus.com , the HTC employee can collect the incoming parcels ( < 20 KG) at HTC1 C by him or herself during the opening hours of the service desk. This concerns parcels that have already been processed in the inbound system of SPS (iTrak) after 2 hours of the delivery by the courier at the SPS Logistic Center.  Swiss Post Solutions will make sure that your parcel is available for pick up at the service desk same day after 12.00 p.m.

The following services are provided from our location:
Goods receipts, Mailroom services, (Express) parcel shipping, transportation in the region and Messenger services.

SPS goods receipt
At our SPS Logistic Center HTC 29 we receive, register and distribute incoming goods for the residents of the High Tech Campus. The received goods are registered within 2 hours after delivery by the courier in the iTrak inbound system to be distributed within 24 hours to your desk or the desired location. If you want to receive your parcels right after the delivery by the courier at the SPS Logistic Center you will have to make a request at the portal of your facility organisation and Swiss Post Solutions will bring the requested parcel within one hour at your desk. The speed delivery request does involve extra costs.

SPS (digital) Mailroom
From out our mailroom all received mail is sorted and delivered to the mailboxes in the various buildings of the High Tech Campus. During the mail delivery the outgoing mail is also collected and will be sent at the end of the same day. The mail round finds place on working days between 13:00 and 15:00, depending on your building. On the High Tech Campus we receive approximately 2000 envelopes which should be delivered to the location the same day. It is therefore essential that the addressing is as complete as possible. In any case it should contain the building, department and name. In case of an address that is incomplete or incorrect there is a risk of delay in the delivery.

If you want to send a mailing we will give you a separate offer as this is no part of the regular mail service. If you want to send out a mailing you will need to make a request for additional services at the portal of your facility organisation. Based on this information we will make a quote of the estimated costs. After agreement the mailing can be offered to the mailroom for shipping. The actual shipping costs will be charged.

SPS Express
Our shipping department offers you a daily express shipping service. For all Campus companies we can offer DHL products with a challenging group discount without any minimum volumes or courier account required. This service varies from an urgent document that needs to be sent to a whole pallet. Because the regulations per country differ a lot it is always strongly recommended that you contact our staff in advance when sending goods outside the EU.

Offering the goods:
The goods that you want to ship can be offered to our servicedesk or can be collected by one of our messengers at your desk. The goods need to be completely packed and all required documents needs to be attached to the parcel. If you want the goods to be picked up you need to make a request for additional services at your facility organisation. (uBook users can choose the pick-up option when booking the shipment in uBook). For shipments within the European Union (documents and goods) in most cases you only need to fill in a shipping form. Within the EU you have free movement of goods.

If the destination is outside the EU you will have to add additional documents. The following documents are needed:

•             An invoice. (Pro-forma for FOC shipments)
•             If possible a EAD document (Export document for customs)

These additional documents should be provided by your financial administration. If desired we can provide your administration with the required information. Please note: Only after all documents are present at our shipping department we can offer your parcel to the desired carrier. DHL, UPS and FedEx have a daily pickup at our facility. If you need to ship outside the regular office hours please contact our servicedesk for the available options.

Additional Services
For the services at the High Tech Campus we have the availability of varied fleet of equipment and vehicles like a forklift, a large van with tail lift and electronic delivery vehicles. These vehicles can also be used for additional services on your request. It is also possible that we provide your company with additional services that aren’t mentioned on this page. If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to contact our servicedesk 

Contact Details:

Email: logistics@hightechcampus.com
Logistics HTC-29: 040-230 5 631
Digital Mailroom HTC-29: 040-230 5 630

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