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Privacy Policy Portal

The HTCE Portal is a platform that stores and processes the data of badge holders and visitors and thereby grants access to the buildings situated on the High Tech Campus Eindhoven site (hereafter "Campus"). The HTCE Portal, and therefore the system that grants access to buildings, is a service offered by HTCE Site Management B.V. to the tenants on the Campus. 

Processing rationale
Necessity for the implementation of the agreement with the tenants forms the basis for the processing of (personal) data aimed at (1) providing controlled access to buildings, and (2) being able to provide ancillary information. 

Data processing
The HTCE Portal records in the system only those data necessary for the proper registration of badge holders and visitors. For badge holders, these are the following mandatory personal data:

  • Name (first name and surname) of badge holder
  • Passport photo of badge holder
  • E-mail address of badge holder
  • Campus company/organization to which the badge holder is affiliated
  • The supplier employing the badge holder (in the event of insourcing)

For visitors, they constitute the following personal data:

  • Name (first name and surname) of visitor
  • Date and time of visit
  • Premises being visited
  • Visitor’s host

For further proper functioning of the HTCE Portal regarding access authorization, the data will also include:

  • Badge number
  • Badge applicant
  • Person responsible for the badge
  • Validity (start and end dates) of the badge
  • Entrances to zones/buildings and duration of validity for the entrances linked to the badge

Who can access your data
You can access your own data on the HTCE Portal. By means of roles and rights, access to your data is limited as far as possible and only those data necessary for the essentials of processing, contributing to this and required for the performance of the role or function are displayed. Service providers having a role in the infrastructure and application(s) underlying the HTCE Portal also have access to the data.

Handling and security of data
HTCE Site Management B.V. values your privacy and will handle your personal data accordingly. To this end, we take appropriate organizational and technical measures and we supervise the implementation of and compliance with these measures. Our ISO27001 Information Security System is an example of this. This applies to our employees as well as our service providers. The contracts contain agreements about confidentiality and other measures to prevent abuse, loss, unauthorized access and unwanted disclosure.

Retention periods
We will retain your data no longer than necessary and in accordance with purposes for which they were obtained, unless legal obligations dictate otherwise.

None of the personal data mentioned above will be disclosed by us to third parties, other than at your request and/or with your knowledge and consent. However, this does not apply to the laws and regulations with which HTCE Site Management must comply, including, for example, requests from the judiciary or other governmental authorities and requests arising from an incident.

Your data in the HTCE Portal can be augmented with data from the anti-intrusion and access control system. These data are used to perform data analyses and to recognize trends.

Privacy Officer and your rights
You have the right to contact us regarding your personal data.

A Privacy Officer has been appointed at HTCE Site Management B.V. All questions, comments, inspection, policy or complaints regarding the processing of (personal) data can be addressed to the Privacy Officer. Please send a written request to:

HTCE Site Management B.V.
Attn. the Privacy Officer
High Tech Campus 1e
5656 AE Eindhoven

Or send an e-mail to privacy@hightechcampus.com.

We kindly request that you always address your request to our Privacy Officer. If this does not deliver the desired result, you still have the right to file a complaint with an organization other than HTCE Site Management, namely the privacy supervising authority "Dutch Data Protection Authority". You can contact the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

Version and changes
This version of the privacy policy has been updated on 8 August 2018. We reserve the right to change this policy. Changes and subsequent newer version will only be published on the same location(s) as this policy.