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In our new online series High Tech Hero we will introduce inspiring heroes from High Tech Campus Eindhoven.

Maron Galama and her team, Bluetivity

Before Bluetivity, Maron was a trademark and design attorney on the Campus. But while she was busy with the protection of innovations, she became more interested in the people behind it. She found out that it was difficult for companies to continue with the invention after the brainwave behind it had left. She started a depth psychology study next to her job just out of interest.

'Sometimes you just can’t ignore the path which is laying ahead of you and make that switch. I met my business partner Frans through mentoring start-ups  in which setting we both were active and our company Bluetivity was born.'

Bluetivity is now on the Campus for around 1,5 years. 'We started by providing different topics like team building and self-awareness. We found out really fast that self-awareness was our topic to take a deep dive in. And that’s exactly what we do:  deep-diving into peoples’ strengths, struggles and purposes. Most of the questions people have are about building up self-confidence, or ensuring whether they are on the right path. It’s interesting to see that the questions that used to be asked mostly by people in their 50’s, are now asked by much younger people. Millennials are very busy with finding their purpose in this world, the work-life balance (if that still exists) and questioning if they are climbing the right mountain.'

Bluetivity helps you to dive into a level you’re not aware of. 'First, we help you to dive into your mind and then help you to discover yourself. Next, we support you in finding your purpose and in making a decision about your next move, which can be the start of a new phase of growth on your own path. As a follow-up, Bluetivity assists by offering mentoring and/or coaching towards achieving your goals.'

For people who are curious to know more, Bluetivity offers walk-in-hours at the Campus or online. 

Startup Plasmacure

Plasmacure is a growing startup that arrived on the High Tech Campus in 2014, with a wonderful mission to end suffering from chronic wounds. The initial idea roots in the long track of research done at the Technical University Eindhoven about plasma. This fourth state of matter, besides liquid, solid and gas, has an ability to support wound healing. Bas Zeper picked up an innovative concept from TU/e, and together with a number of medical and R&D partners, co-created a medical device PLASOMA. This device brings bactericidal cold plasma directly in a wound. 

‘Plasmacure is the reflection of how innovative tech solutions can reduce suffering', says Sofie Baselmans, R&D Manager at Plasmacure. ‘Every 30 seconds someone in the world loses a foot due to amputation, and the majority of these people are elderly, diagnosed with diabetes. The PLASOMA device consists of a flexible electric Pad and a Pulser. The pad is fixed over the wound. The Pulser sends an electric current to the Pad to ignite the cold plasma. Typically, the treatment will be done 2 to 3 times per week for several weeks. PLASOMA treatment itself is only 2 minutes.’

A clinical study has demonstrated that this cold plasma treatment in diabetic foot ulcers is safe and well tolerated. The final step required to launch the product in The Netherlands is getting a CE certificate. With the vision of the world in which people no longer suffer from chronic wounds, the startup aims to eventually sell the devices worldwide, and also, to produce bigger pads to heal bigger wounds. 

Plasmacure has already won several awards, such as Accenture Innovation Award and Gerard and Anton Philips Award. Winning the preliminary round, Plasmacure is finalist in the Dutch National Healthcare Innovation Award 2020 awaiting the jury decision on June 11th. You can vote for them here!


Patrick Essers and Erwin van Eijden of EIT Digital

'It all started in 2010 with a small team on the Campus and now we've grown towards a full operational ecosystem based in HTC 31. Ten years later, with the help of our Benelux members from Universities, Research Technology Partners and Industry, EIT Digital has evolved into its current mature state. The Campus provides the perfect network to turn a starting institute with great potential into and foster innovation & entrepreneurship in Europe.

With our institute we build a bridge between education, innovation and entrepreneurship. In this knowledge triangle we stimulate cross-pollination and educate talents, invest in start-ups and help scale-ups with their acceleration. With our open office space, we stimulate the collaboration between our educated talents and the scale-ups that are created and invested in by EIT Digital. Mission accomplished.

We consider ourselves as a servant leader. Disruptive innovation has to be orchestrated, that’s where we come in. We connect the right people at the right time and that’s when great things happen. The Campus proves to be a fertile soil to connect between our members and talents. EIT Digital can facilitate, but people have to execute the process of innovation themselves.'


Shane O’Seasnáin of Fontys Consultancy

High Tech Campus Eindhoven is a wonderful place to work. The entrepreneurs are risk takers and have really embraced us. We are working on the principle that all boats rise together. My students get to work with some inspirational people on a lot of smaller projects. They have learned how to take initiative and how to experiment.

I’m originally from Ireland and moved to the Netherlands almost 25 years ago with Philips. I learned a lot about engineering, running projects and developing long term relationships. Then I moved to Ericsson for ten years. I worked with exciting new technologies in the early days of the mobile internet. In the early 2000’s I sent a photo of my newborn son to colleagues in North America, one of the first baby pictures sent from phone to phone (before smartphones).

Both of those companies went through ups and downs and showed the importance of resilience, identifying customer needs and looking for new ways to fill them. This is an important part of the ethos of Fontys Consultancy. No matter where you are, business is ultimately about people and being here on HTCE has already led to a lot of strong partnerships. New technologies will have an important impact on the world. It’s great to be a part of this journey.


Ning-Hsuan Yen of Philips and her team of IT trainees

‘You don’t need a technical background to fit in the Philips IT team. We want to give young people with passion about technology a chance, and show them how awesome it is to work at Philips and contribute to our mission to make the world healthier and more sustainable. 

We see people joining us with a business information management or marketing background, but there is also someone in my team who had studied Arabic in undergraduate degree. This diversity of people is great and exactly what we want.  In two years we learn them about the future of IT, how to become business-minded IT leaders and realize innovations. 

We challenge them to think about how they want to contribute to the IT world.  We now have 28 Business and IT trainees. Six of them will complete their traineeship in January, so that’s really exciting! Our dream is to create an IT talent community, where young talents interested in technology can do internships, write thesis and grow leadership with Philips IT!

Five years ago I never thought I would be working in the tech world, but I think it’s amazing and I want to convey this message.’


Willy Enzing of Philips Innovation Services

‘I was born in Friesland and now I’m living in beautiful Bilthoven, thanks to a former employer ASM International that had its office there. At Philips Innovation Services I work with a team of 25 talented people, eager to really make innovation work. We provide consultancy on themes like the environment, health and safety. It gives me a lot of energy to help our clients, to make their work place more safe.

We share our facilities here at High Tech Campus Eindhoven and work together with partners, because we truly believe in open innovation. Every day we tap into a huge pool of tools, methods, expertise and experience, to solve each specific challenge of our customers.  

Philips wants to make the world healthier and more sustainable through innovation. It makes me proud to see that the company I work for is a leader in sustainability and the circular economy and I’m really looking forward to all that is yet to come in this area.'


Lotte Geertsen & Danny Hameeteman of TMC

Lotte: ‘At TMC, we truly believe in the power of entrepreneurship. People who work with us are technical, but also have the entrepreneurial spirit. That’s why we call them ‘Employeneur’. Technology is a means to solve global challenges, and that’s exactly what we’re trying to do. In the Netherlands we have nearly 600 Employeneurs going on to 1000 worldwide, who work for diverse ambitious customers, but also get possibilities to accelerate their own business ideas. And as manager of our innovation lab, I help them wherever I can. I really love my job, turning ideas into business.’

Danny: ‘A lot of companies say they stimulate entrepreneurship, but TMC is the first company where I really experience it. Together with my team, I’m creating a spy robot which is called ‘Throwabot’. This robot can be used for data collection in situations that are dangerous for people. For example: what if there is a hostage taking place. They can throw our wireless robot – that is very quiet – inside, to see what is happening there. This robot can save lives, because emergency services can better evaluate the situation before actually sending people in. Last month we’ve registered our startup at the Kamer van Koophandel, so we’re doing well!’

Read more about the robot.


Sonia Kataria, development engineer at Signify

‘I love the Netherlands. People are really direct, and I feel very comfortable with that. I was born in India, in a little town called Narnaul. After graduating in Faridabad, I lived for 10 years in Bangalore, where I started working with companies like Philips. Now and then, I visited Eindhoven for work. Because I liked working here, I decided to move here 3 years ago. I didn’t have trouble fitting in, because I had already made friends and they really helped me out.

At Signify, I’m now working as a development engineer in the research department, where we closely work with Signify’s business group Home. You know, those smart home lights. We research what people want, what light settings best suit their needs and how we can bring technological advancements to Lighting. And now I am also making a step from Mobile app development to Cloud development.

In addition to work, I dance with friends in an Indian dance group, with which we perform at Indian festivals. Every Sunday I call my parents, and that lasts normally around two hours ;-), we have a lot of catching up to do. But I’m planning to stay here…I really like my life in Eindhoven.’ 


Herman Peek of Teledyne Dalsa

Herman has been working on the Campus for 55 years (!) and is therefore the oldest Campus resident ever! This month he will retire at the age of 77.

‘I started working for Philips on the Campus when it was still called ‘Natlab’. Everyone was wearing white lab coats, we were allowed to experiment without making accountables to managers in forward; for me as a technologist it was paradise. Now the Campus has changed significantly (a lot more companies and buildings) and I think that’s great. 

When I look back on my career, my greatest memory is winning the Gilles Holst Award in 1997, for my contribution to science and realizing breakthroughs in CCD chip (image sensor) technology. From 2002 I worked as a consultant and advisor for technological issues for CCD and CMOS imagers at Teledyne Dalsa. Even though I am 77 years old, I’m not even sure if I want to retire. This work makes me enormously happy.’


Rudie Verweij of start-up Incooling

‘I didn’t have a technical education, but I was always curious about how things really worked, and how I could make things better.

When I had my own company in digital marketing and video, I was introduced to start-up accelerator HighTech XL. I really liked going to their events and it triggered me how their startups could make a difference. And now, at the age of 21, I can call myself the CEO of the amazing deep tech start-up Incooling. Based on technology from CERN, we’re developing cooling systems for data centers, where the chip is cooled from the inside out.

Soon we’re moving from the HighTechXL office to building HTC 29, to our first office at High Tech Campus Eindhoven. You are very welcome for a cup of coffee! If you’re wondering, which one am I on the picture? I’m the guy in the middle!’


Cheryl Lee Boyd & Terry Boyd of Dispatches Europe

‘We came to Eindhoven as DIY expats, with the goal of connecting all expats through our digital platform, Dispatches Europe. Once we arrived, we were struck by the Eindhoven startup ecosystem, so we became informal ambassadors for our city even though Dispatches covers all of Europe. 
We love working with HighTech XL on High Tech Campus, which – as Americans – we think is not only a stimulating place to work, but the most green and tranquil research campus in Europe.

In the future, we want to connect Eindhoven to our investor network in the Midwest and South of the United States. It’s our mission to tell the world about the depth of sophistication of Brainport’s startups and high-tech giants.

We’re doing our part to make sure Americans automatically think “Europe's most innovative city” when they think of Eindhoven.’


Maarten Voorhuis of scale-up Sparckel 'Life needs light'

When his colleague calls him a hero of positivity, Maarten responds modestly: ‘I really hope that’s true. When you have a scale-up, you need to work hard, but it’s really worth it. With Sparckel we make high-tech lighting easy to experience. We developed a plug & play luminaire with biodynamic light that has a positive influence on people.

You can be happier and more productive, thanks to the right amount of light, with the right spectrum at the right time in your office. But more important: recently scientific research showed that our Sparckel’s helps people with dementia. That feels incredible.

We love the ecosystem and the best place at High Tech Campus Eindhoven for us is the tennis court. We don’t even change our clothes, we just go outside into the sun during lunchtime and play!'


Karina Garcia del Real, community manager High Tech Plaza

‘As the Community Manager of the High Tech Plaza, I provide opportunities where start-ups can connect with experts through events and workshops. This a very rewarding role as I come in contact with many start-ups and can directly witness their development. As a woman, I feel very proud to work in this field and represent the High Tech Plaza, the biggest start-up hub in the Netherlands. When I am not at work, I am usually spending time with my daughter and husband, cooking some Mexican food or relaxing in the hammock of my backyard.

Are you interested in our start-up ecosystem? Would you like to stay informed on activities organized by the High Tech Plaza and download our brand new app? Please contact me via email at:'

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