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Language: English
Date: 19 Oct 2022
Time: 12:00 - 14:00
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Conference Center, High Tech Campus Eindhoven

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How to successfully implement technology in healthcare? At this seminar on October 17, we will hear three perspectives on that question and will have a deeper look at three healthcare technologies:

From a smart scale-up technology to a joint engineering solution to a technology implemented in a hospital. Besides the technology insights, you will hear about lessons learnt, obstacles and ideas for collaboration to integrate technology in healthcare. We will have time for networking and sharing at a drink following the presentations.




Welcome by High Tech Campus Eindhoven

Medical device innovation: Three lessons from three start-ups.
Hubert Martens, CEO of Salvia BioElectronics B.V.

Improving treatment for lung patients with a next generation soft mist inhaler technology for precise pulmonary drug administration
Maurits Huigen, CEO of Gilbert Technologies
Peter van den Bekerom, Director Customer Relations at Philips Engineering Solutions

Researching and implementing technology at the MMC
Nicole Papen- Botterhuis, Coordinator Research & Innovation at Máxima MC
Heidi van de Mortel, Project Leader Complex Implementations Technology and Innovation at Máxima MC

Drinks and networking




Hubert Martens is CEO and founder of Salvia BioElectronics, a medical device company. He will introduce a novel therapy using bioelectronics to help people with severe migraine.  Hubert has found his passion in medical device innovation and previously he founded Sirius Medical (now a medtech scale-up) and Sapiens (acquired by Medtronic). You will hear about the lessons he learnt to implement technologies in healthcare.




Maurits Huigen is CEO of Gilbert Technologies, and will introduce a monodisperse aerosol technology where droplet size can vary in such a way that medication can be accurately and locally targeted in the lungs. 





Peter van den Bekerom is Director Customer Relations at Philips Engineering Solutions and tries to live by the rule "Solve a problem instead of providing a solution"​. Together with Maurits, he will share the key takeaways of the joint technology development leading to the inhaler.





Heidi van de Mortel is project manager complex implementations technology and innovation at Máxima MC. As a registered Neonatal intensive care nurse, she soon discovered that a lot of technology is being developed for healthcare, but that it did not match work processes. Since 2004 she has been on a mission to make technology work for healthcare providers and patients. Heidi will share with us experiences from realizing family centered single room care.




Nicole Papen- Botterhuis is a Biomedical Engineer with a mission: accelerating change in healthcare. After her PhD (Eindhoven University) and being innovator at TNO, she made a career switch in 2016 to get closer to research that truly makes a difference for patients and started at Máxima MC to coordinate the research group of the surgeons. Since 2019 she is responsible for coordinating research and innovation at Máxima MC. She will introduces themes that she is currently working on at MMC: prehabilitation, vitality, monitoring, Augmented Reality, eNose diagnosis, Value-Based Healthcare and Shared Decision making, nursing innovations, idea management and improving the innovation process at Máxima MC. 






If you are busy with healthcare technologies, want to be inspired by healthcare solutions, learn about things to consider when implementing technologies in the healthcare sector or just want to connect with the HTCE community in healthcare, feel free to join and register at:


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