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Technology Event
High Tech Campus Eindhoven


Language: English
Date: 08 Mar 2022
Time: 15:30 - 19:00
Entry fee: Free


HighTechXL, HTC 27

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FasTrackathon, HighTechXL's signature reverse-hackathon, presents 10 advanced technologies ready for your bold, creative ideas to take the tech to market.

At FasTrackathon, we present advanced technologies from some of the world’s top research institutions and tech companies, including TNO, Philips, PhotonFirst, Eindhoven University of Technology and other global innovators.

These are the 10 technologies we'll present at FasTrackathon:

TNO: High Viscosity Fluid Printer
Philips: Fiber Optics Microscope
Philips: Electro-active Polymers  

TU/e: Photonic Switching

PhotonFirst: Multi-sensor Integration for Security

PhotonFirst: Optical Displacement Encoder

Lukasiewicz Research Network/PORT: De-icing Technology

Lukasiewicz Research Network/PORT: Electron Beam for Micropatterning of Ionic Liquid

BioGraph Sense Inc.: BioGraph Sense Technology

Cmosaix: X-ray Imaging Technology

What happens at FasTrackathon?

Individuals register for the event and rank their tech preferences, then we place them on teams according to their preferences. 

On the day of the event, entrepreneurs, engineers, physicists, tech experts, business professionals, students and anyone who loves deep tech come together with their bold ideas and identify application areas and business propositions to take the tech to market. Teams pitch their ideas at the end of the event.

‍You’ll collaborate with deep-tech lovers just like you, brainstorming ways to take these advanced technologies to market.

After FasTrackathon, teams can continue to develop their business cases. If they decide to stay together as a team and join the venture building program at HighTechXL, they pitch their ideas at Final Selection Day, March 18th. The spring program starts March 22nd. 

‍Join a deep-tech venture team that tackles grand societal challenges the world faces today.

Or be an entrepreneur for a day.

Don’t just watch the world change. BE the change.‍

Read about the technologies here:

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