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Language: English
Date: 23 Jan 2023
Time: 16:00 - 18:30
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Conference Center, High Tech Campus Eindhoven

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Sensors and data are not new to vehicles and cars – for many years already, they enhance the driving experience, performance and safety of today’s cars. The car connected to its environment, to infrastructure and other cars, to the cloud and pedestrians will play a key role in future smart cities. In this seminar, we will dive into some existing and future sensoring and data processing technologies enabling the connectivity of cars.



Demo's of TNO, Merlicon and NXP

Welcome by High Tech Campus Eindhoven

An inside look into smart and connected cars
Lulu Chan, Technical Domain Lead ADAS/Radar in CTO Automotive System Innovation at NXP Semiconductors


The future of LiDAR and radar technologies in automotive applications
Christian A. Bachmann, Program Director Wireless Sensing at imec The Netherlands

Efficient AI at the edge for automotive and other applications
Bram Verhoef, Head of Machine Learning at Axelera AI

Demo's, drinks, and networking
See more details on the demo's below.




Lulu Chan, Technical Domain Lead ADAS/Radar in CTO Automotive System Innovation at NXP Semiconductors will give a look into current and future sensors perceiving the car's environment and data processing making sense of this data.




Christian A. Bachmann is Program Director Wireless Sensing at imec The Netherlands. He will talk about advances in wireless sensing technologies, such as high-resolution 140GHz imaging radar and cost-efficient silicon-photonics solid-state LiDAR, empower next-generation automotive perception and safety applications. He will also introduce wireless sensing with ultra-wideband (UWB) technology expands UWB's capabilities beyond keyless entry to in-cabin presence and vital sign detection.


Bram Verhoef is Head of Machine Learning at Axelera AI. He will explain artificial intelligence at the edge and how it can be implemented in future connected cars: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming a key ingredient in a myriad of applications, including surveillance, security, and automotive applications. However, AI builds upon heavy algorithms that often require several billions of computations per second. Furthermore, many applications pose inherent constraints such as a low energy budget, privacy considerations and a small hardware form factor. 

Edge AI tackles these challenges by facilitating AI on edge devices such as mobile phones, cameras and drones. In this presentation Bram will introduce edge AI from a hardware and software point of view. He will articulate the benefits and challenges associated with edge AI and discuss them in the context of automotive and other applications. He will argue that edge AI is vital for the inevitable future pervasiveness of artificial intelligence.     



Before and after the presentations, you can visit technology demo's at the conference centers showing smart automotive technologies.

Multi-brand platooning

TNO will present ENSEMBLE, a project aiming for pre-standards for interoperability between trucks, platoons and logistics solution providers.

Automotive sensoring and radar

NXP will demonstrate their radar technologies and a sensor car.

Quality 4.0 in car body final inspection

Merlicon, new resident at the High Tech Campus, presents deep learning based vision algorithms and cobots which allow faster and more accurate inspection.



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