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Language: English
Date: 15 Feb 2022
Time: 08:30 - 09:30
Entry fee: Free



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In this interactive keynote session, Madeleen Stamm takes you on a short journey to explore your mindset and attitude toward your own growth. 

Because it’s this belief system that can greatly influence whether (or not…) you’ll start something new or how easily you bounce back after a setback, such as receiving negative feedback. It can even influence if you’ll listen to that critical voice inside your mind. Through theory behind the growth mindset model and a number of exercises you can complete while watching, you”ll be inspired and equipped to take charge of your own development. Plus, you can even use these principles and empower those around you to also grow.

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Date: Tuesday February 15
Time: 08.30 - 09.30 
Location: Online. Hereby the YouTube link!

Madeleen Stamm has built a career at the crossroads of coaching, education and tech. Most noticeably as a career coach at TU Delft and a tech recruiter in the Brainport area. Those experiences provided her with many insights in how men and women tend to have different approaches towards their careers, potential and achievements. And as her own career progressed, she too noticed specific challenges.

As a working mom of three she “twisted herself in a pretzel” trying to do it all, believing that was the only way. Until she didn't and let go of the “shoulds” to go after the “wants”. She founded Sowings in 2019 and since then offers personal leadership and career coaching to women. (Although she, not so secretly, also still happily coaches men at TU Delft.) She wholeheartedly believes that finding and following your ambition allows you to change lives along the way, in the workplace and beyond.

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