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Fe+male Tech Heroes


Language: English
Date: 15 Feb 2023
Time: 15:30 - 18:00
Entry fee: Free


Conference Center, High Tech Campus Eindhoven

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This event is for men who want to contribute to greater gender equality and diversity in the technology sector.

Are you a man in tech who wants to contribute to more gender equality? Are you looking for more diversity in your teams and tools to increase it? And/or do you want to help women feel more included in the male-focused tech world? Then this small-scale (!) Fe+male Tech Heroes event is for you.

At this "male allies" event, we will share knowledge, learn from other men in technology, and there will also be time to ask questions.

The importance of male allies for greater gender equality and diversity in the tech sector is essential. Keynote speaker Helen Kardan of ASML will talk about diversity and gender equality in tech and why we need men to support it. We will also share with the audience some facts and figures that highlight the opportunities we are missing if we do not improve diversity in the tech workforce.

We have an excellent panel of men who will share their experiences and insights. They will share how they inspire others inside and outside their organizations to close the gender gap.

The panelists:

  • Guus Frericks, Managing Director DeepTechXL
  • Arnaud Hubaux, Product Cluster Manager at ASML
  • Hamed Sadeghian, CEO of Nearfield Instruments
  • Arjan Markus, assistant professor at Eindhoven University of Technology

At this Male Allies event, we'll put our heads together and look at the challenges facing women in technology and how to bring about much-needed change.


15.30 Opening by founders Ingelou Stol and Hilde de Vocht
15.35 Keynote “Build a Future-Ready Workforce: The Power of Diversity and Inclusion” by Elke Kraemer (Clusity)
15.50 Keynote "The importance of Male Allies" by Helen Kardan (ASML)
16.05 Introduction of male role models by Letícia Batista
16.10 Interactive panel: "Lessons learned from male allies in technology" by Guus Frericks (DeepTechXL), Arnaud Hubaux (ASML), Hamed Sadeghian (Nearfield Instruments) and Arjan Markus (Eindhoven University of Technology) 
16.50 Overview + useful reference works by Vivian de Corti
17.00 Drinks
18.00 End

Room Lorentz-Zeeman
Conference Center, High Tech Campus Eindhoven

Only men at a Fe+male Tech Heroes event?!
Yes we know, it's weird to announce. But we have a good reason to do this. We want this event to be the start where male allies in tech can meet and inspire each other. After this, we will get ready for step two of our master plan. Engaging the entire Fe+male Tech Heroes community, including more male allies.

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