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Skills Intelligence

5656 AE Eindhoven
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High Tech Campus 27

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Skills Intelligence has specialized in organizing and conducting physical test days and has developed specific software for this purpose. For organizations we can take care of test days in full or organizations can use our software for their own protocols. In short, we have the perfect solution to make athletes more measurable!

How do you ensure that taking, processing and analyzing tests takes less time? How do you get information quicker to athletes or trainers? How do you process personal information with the arrival of the GDPR? We have started with the test problems in sports and have succeeded in finding a solution in which the entire test process can now be completely digitally carried out! By using our software, processing with paper and pen is a thing of the past and also GDPR-proof! For the input of data we can easily make links with other data and information systems. In addition, Skills Intelligence software can be used as a data provider for existing (player tracking) systems.

Our vision

Everywhere in the world it is increasingly about data. More data is available and due to the increase of different sources of data, the complexity increases. It is an art to process data in an efficient way, to present it and to make good and useful information on the basis of which better decisions can be made!

Skills Intelligence believes that in today's world more customization is needed to get the right insights. That is why we help organizations and individual athletes to increase their insight into development and performance!