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Senergetics monitoring solutions use optic fibers with sensors that measure with only light. Even in extreme conditions or dangerous environments (like ATEX areas), our sensors are very accurate and reliable. By using highly advanced PIC-interrogators, more than 30.000 sensors can be read out by one system.

Senergetics solutions are used in applications where long distances are covered or large arrays of sensors are requested.

Typical applications are:

  • Industrial Asset Health Monitoring (e.g. Corrosion Under Insulation)
  • Energy Waste Detection (e.g. Insulation Performance Scanning in pipelines)
  • Security Monitoring (e.g. Subsea Pipes and Cables)

Increased Safety and Efficiency

Senergetics uses smart Data-Analysis techniques that enable predictive maintenance. Timely warnings and call to action allows asset-owners to maintain safe operations and reduce maintenance cost significantly.

Senergetics Solutions are:

  • Cost Effective: one interrogator for many sensors
  • Flexible: one optical fibre for multiple parameters
  • Accurate and reliable: also in extreme conditions
  • Easy to install: non-disruptive for existing situations