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MindYourPass is a high-tech, cybersecurity company. Our goal is to improve worldwide internet security, by enforcing unique, very strong passwords, without the end user having to remember them.

MindYourPass for organizations is a cybersecurity solution that provides insight and control over all online accounts used in an organization and enforces that they are protected with the strongest possible passwords.

MindYourPass for end-users removes the need to create and remember difficult passwords. It gives seamless authentication and security wherever life takes you. Anywhere, anytime using any device.

MindYourPass is using a patented technology that combines security (i.e. very strong passwords) with user convenience (i.e., a user needs one, easy-to-remember password to access all his online accounts). The patented technology is privacy-friendly (no passwords or other personal data is stored). It has the unique property that it can enforce strong passwords for all online accounts used in an enterprise without knowing them. This property enables a company to control the online security of all its employees and to meet typical GDPR requirements for identifying, containing, and reporting a data breach.

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