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MD squared

5656 AE Eindhoven
T: +31 6 2713 9214


High Tech Campus 29

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In a changing regulatory and commercial environment MD squared has a clear focus on driving Value Creation by a unique combination of marketing expertise, medical competence and regulatory support for Medical Devices.

It is MD squared’s mission helping to structurally enhance your product’s value and value communication with tangible evidence in a regulatory compliant way. For this MD squared has developed Product ClaimManager™, tailored tools and processes to generate critical insights, map relevant needs of your customer target group, and pinpoint how your product can contribute to solve them.

Product ClaimManager helps making informed and transparent choices throughout a product’s life cycle on building a differentiating claim portfolio and its validation costs. Also after market introduction MD squared helps monitoring and directing further value enhancing steps, be it with stronger product claims or broader indications of use.

MD squared commands over a global network of clinical specialists, marketing and regulatory experts to ensure profound and reliable insights even in complex cases.