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Innovation Industries

Innovation Industries

5656 AE Eindhoven


High Tech Campus 41

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A specialist fund with a tech focus.
Technology continues to advance at exponential rates, changing the face of society and industry in astonishing ways. Driven by global needs such as sustainability, health‐care and efficiency in industrial processes, many of these technology advancements address large markets, positively impacting our future.

As an independent venture capital fund, we aim to support these technological developments by providing investment capital to fund entrepreneurial activity to Dutch tech ventures as well as pragmatic advice.

We target companies that develop commercially promising products and technologies in the high tech, med tech, food & agri tech. Innovation Industries has a broad investment mandate and invests in start-ups, scale-ups and growth capital. We believe in supporting companies long term, focusing on value creation.

We typically invest in companies in the field of nano- and microtechnologies, semiconductors and integrated photonics, clean technology, food and agrotechnology, and medical technology.