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Inmation BNX B.V. is a fully-owned subsidiary of Germany-based inmation Software GmbH.

The inmation group develops and markets a real-time operations support platform system, system:inmation, which can be used by any industry in order to globally integrate operational data streams of whatever source. system:inmation thus helps companies to leverage their existing control and data processing system, creating uniform access points on all layers of the corporate IT. Additionally, system:inmation provides visual access to any data stream either with a rich data analyst application, DataStudio, or cloud-based on any device. The product incorporates latest IT technologies such as OPC UA, NoSQL databases and Lua Scripting.

  • High Tech Campus 32
  • 5656 AE
  • Eindhoven
  • +31 (0)6 246 146 74
  • Website

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