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The datacenter industry is changing rapidly due to the progress of AI. More computing power also means an increase in the amount of energy to fuel it. The amount of heat generated has exceeded the limits of  traditional cooling solutions.

Based on CERN cooling technology, we created a high pressure 2-phase cooling system dedicated to cooling data centres. We use the power of phase change cooling to transport the heat in a much faster, and energy efficient way. Unlike traditional cooling systems, we only target the problem areas (hot spots) without having to cool the whole infrastructure around it. By utilizing the unique properties of high pressure refrigerants, we can dissipate the excess heat of the computing units in a more direct, efficient way whilst creating an optimal thermal environment, ideal for processors with a high heat density.

Our solution will help server manufacturers to manage heat loads, since it creates an extremely fast, stable and energy efficient system. With our solution, we bring the next generation performance, today.