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How healthy and vital are your employees? What does this mean for your company? Ageing as well shortage of staff makes their employability ever more significant. The guiding principle of our work is to prevent health problems or to tackle them at an early stage.

HumanCapitalCare is an innovative service provider in the field of work, vitality and health. In collaboration with you, we ensure that your employees are competent, motivated and healthy. Energetic employees are the condition for a healthy and vital organisation. We hold a mirror in front of you and we highlight issues. But above all, we provide you with the necessary direction and support. A personal approach. With pleasure, vision, professionalism and an advanced IT system.

Tailored to you and your employees
Together with you, we ensure the productive and long-term employability of your staff. That means a customised approach – for you as the employer and also for your employees.

  • Employees want to feel good and do their work well. They must be able to manage things themselves when it concerns their health and employability. HumanCapitalCare offers tips and guidance; we provide self-management by means of effective and practical services. The employees get access to an online personal health dossier (my-care) for monitoring their own health.
  • We provide support to employers by means of advice and the proper services for implementing integral health management and consequently, assist them in keeping their staff employable in a useful manner and in the long term. This leads to reduced costs and increased production and therefore, to better company results. The basic principle is to first determine what is most important to you at this particular moment. To increase the employability of your staff or to first reduce absence? Depending on your answers, we provide advice about the best approach and what is needed to convert your absence policy into an integral vitality and health policy.