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High Tech NL

5656 AE Eindhoven
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High Tech Campus 27

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Share innovation. Shape tomorrow.
High Tech NL is the national industry association for the Dutch high-tech industry that drives innovation by connecting companies and knowledge institutions. From the High Tech Campus Eindhoven we boost the ecosystem by encouraging collaboration. Both nationally and internationally. We focus on four domains: Semiconductors, Robotics, Life Sciences and Energy. We are open to supporting even more areas in the future with our knowledge network. In this way we play an important role for the entire top sector of High-tech Systems and Materials.

The association was founded in 2013 by companies from the top of the high-tech industry with the ambition to form a powerful network. Today, 13 employees are committed to serving the 250 members and many other parties in the ecosystem. Technology is human work. That is why we take the lead in creating meetings, initiating projects and our people are visible and available for questions.

Our motivation? Strengthening the international competitiveness and earning capacity of the Dutch high-tech sector. The more parties connect through us, the larger the network for sharing knowledge and bringing together high-tech professionals. Together we create solutions to global challenges and transform the world of tomorrow.

Shaping tomorrow's world together? Join the powerful network of High Tech NL and participate in one or more active High Tech NL clusters.

High Tech NL Robotics
High Tech NL Robotics (formerly Holland Robotics) helps the Dutch robotics industry progress. In the ecosystem we have mapped, a network of approximately 700 parties is flourishing. We stand up for the robotics market by organizing trade fairs and projects, supporting subsidy processes and inspiring by initiating a look into each other's kitchens. We also know our way around European projects and international fairs.

High Tech NL Semiconductors
High Tech NL Semiconductors – formerly Holland Semiconductors – is a cluster of the sector organization High Tech NL and has a national scope. Within the ecosystem that we are continuously developing, a network of hundreds of parties is flourishing. As a member of the Silicon Europe Alliance, we drive international collaboration and continuously develop the semiconductor ecosystem. We encourage interactions between companies, knowledge institutions and public authorities and have connections with innovation attachés, embassies and development agencies. Through our network, we contribute to the application of key technologies such as integrated photonics and quantum computing. 

High Tech NL Life Sciences
High Tech NL Life Sciences brings biomedical solutions to global issues from lab to fab. Five extra years of life for every Dutch person and considerably less animal testing by 2040: this is what we, as the high-tech sector, are aiming for. By connecting companies, knowledge institutions and public authorities, we are creating a thriving ecosystem in biomedical production technology. Together, we will make organ-on-a-chip, lab-on-a-chip, artificial organs and (stem)cell production technology possible on a large scale, thereby taking a giant step forward for international public health. 

High Tech NL Energy
High Tech NL Energy helps accelerate the energy transition by working on applications of key technologies from the high-tech sector. We bring together high-tech companies, knowledge institutions and governments to learn from and strengthen each other. For example, when it comes to the application of an ultra-thin film layer to extend the life of lithium-ion batteries. Or the smart conversion of natural gas to hydrogen and hydrocarbons on an industrial scale.