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Eurofins Material Science Netherlands: Material Analysis lab

Eurofins Material Science Netherlands: Material Analysis lab

5656 AE Eindhoven
T: +31 6 21 17 42 27


High Tech Campus 11

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Whether you want to solve a problem fast or need long-term research support, we cover all your analytical challenges. Moreover, our specialists think with you, providing you with an interpretation of the found figures. Supporting you to (re-)develop faster and better.

The Eurofins facility in Eindhoven, The Netherlands specializes in the materials analysis and reliability investigation of high tech materials and products. It also has specific expertise in the areas of:

- Chemical analysis & physical inspection of materials and objects

- Analytical methodology 
Design of tests, experiments and data analysis

- Contamination control  
From validation of cleanliness for high technology manufacturing (cleanroom air, supply gasses and components) to root-cause analysis of surface contamination 

- Chemical compatibility 
Understanding of chemical incompatibility, testing and proper material selection design

- Material reliability 
Resolving reliability issues, quality control support, failure analysis and corrosion testing

- Glass characterization  
Composition, Optical properties, Refractive properties, Thermal properties, Glass forming / shaping, Glass faults, Glass joining and Particle size 

The Material Analysis lab was purchased by Eurofins EAG in December 2018 and was formerly the Materials Analysis lab of Royal Philips and Philips Lighting (now Signify).

Analytical techniques 

Compositional analysis
GF-AAS, CV-AAS, ICP-OES, (LA-)ICP-MS, Elemental Analysis, FT-IR, Raman, GC-MS, HPLC, IC-MS, MALDI, NTM, XRF, Gravimetry, ,Titrimetry, Thermal Desorption

Surface and thin film characterization
Ellipsometry, SAM, ToF-SIMS, XPS

Advanced imaging
FIB, Image processing and analysis, SEM-EDX, TEM, IR imaging, Optical interferometry, Profilometry, SPM / AFM, Thermal imaging / Thermography, X-Ray inspection

Physical characterization
Materialography, Mechanical testing, Particle size analysis, Permeability, Physical properties of glass, Rheology, Sample preparation laboratory, Specific area of powders, Strain analysis, Thermal analysis, Thermo-mechanical analysis, XRD, Electrochemical testing