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BAM Bouw en Techniek

BAM Bouw en Techniek

5656 AE Eindhoven
T: +31 (010) 289 77 77


High Tech Campus 29

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BAM Bouw en Techniek is an integration between BAM Techniek and BAM Utiliteitsbouw. As a leading integral knowledge company, BAM Bouw en Techniek develops, builds, maintains and operates architectural and/or technical installations. The integration of construction and engineering, ensures that we think along with customers and turn the questions and requirements into possibilities and complete solutions. Above all, our strength is that we use our knowledge, insight and experience of the entire life cycle of a building and dedicate this to our customers. As a result, we provide the highest possible contribution to your return. Our mission is to be your life cycle partner. BAM Bouw en Techniek is a subsidiary of Koninklijke BAM Groep.