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Astrape Networks

5656 AE Eindhoven


High Tech Campus 27

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More bandwidth, less energy!
In a world that generates zettabytes of data every day, access and usage to data should be fast, efficient and require almost no energy. At Astrape we want to reduce the impact datacenters have on our planet, while also enabling their exponential evolution. By using photonics, Astrape builds networks for datacenters that are faster, cooler and more power efficient than anything before.

Astrape Networks' solution is based on advanced photonics technology, which uses multi wavelength channels and advanced control signalling to transmit data through fast circuit switching. Our approach is novel and allows for data to be only converted into optical signals at the edges of the network. This eliminates the need for the intermediate optical/electrical/optical conversions at the I/Os of contemporary switches.

By utilizing photonics technology, Astrape Networks is able to bypass bandwidth limitation or current solutions achieving much faster communication speeds. The elimination of these intermediate electrical conversions also results in a more efficient method of data transmission. The amount of conversion energy reduction will be at least 20% at current network speeds. In near future the comparison of energy consumption will run into a 60% difference.

About Us
Astrape Networks was founded in 2022 by veterans in semiconducors, telekom and photonics. Our goal is to reduce the energy consumption of datacenter by means of an innovative technology already demonstrated in 2021 at the Technology University of Eindhoven. We are situated in Brainport Eindhoven on the High Tech Campus in the middle of Europe’s fastest developing Photonics ecosystem.

Astrape Networks cooperates with technology and academic partners specialised in Photonics for high-bandwidth low-power short range data transmission.

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Interested to know more or maybe to join us in our journey towards a better internet, contact us.