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Each company at High Tech Campus Eindhoven shares a common goal: developing new technologies and applications that help solve social problems and challenges, and successfully bringing these to the market. This combination of technology and business is central to the many collaborations found at the Campus - and it shows. Multinationals such as Philips, NXP and Intel, small and mid-sized high tech firms, research institutes, service companies and technology startups collaborate on tomorrow’s technologies and products.

Turning Technology Into Business

Together, more than 11,000 international researchers, developers and business people at the Campus create a huge amount of knowledge and dynamism. They have turned High Tech Campus Eindhoven into one of the global hotspots in the areas of Health, Energy and Smart Environments.

At the Campus, you will find everything you could require to translate technology innovation to business. 45,000 square metres of R&D facilities, collaborative efforts for developing new technologies, IT and HRM support, patent agencies and close connections with investor networks will support fast innovation and business development from day one.

Researchers, developers and entrepreneurs can join existing international networks and innovation projects, led by leading R&D institutes such as Holst Centre and Solliance. The Solliance institute brings together global innovation and solar power knowledge. Business people can easily join the international networks which are incorporated into these projects. This accelerates the time-to-market for new technologies and helps high tech entrepreneurs more rapidly reach their goal: Turning Technology Into Business.

Open innovation is in our DNA

Collaboration is the key to successfully bringing new technologies to market. Ever since Philips founded the Campus in 1998, in order to centralise national R&D activities at one location, cooperation on technological innovations has been a focal point. The reason: a high concentration of knowledge in one place and the open atmosphere in which researchers can work together helps them to develop new technologies in a shorter time, so companies can introduce them faster. This collaboration and knowledge sharing are key to our Open Innovation work method, which is a vital part of High Tech Campus Eindhoven’s DNA. From the moment the Philips Campus opened up to other technology companies and research institutes in 2003, this process has been accelerating. High Tech Campus Eindhoven has developed into the independent and dynamic ecosystem we see today. A community in which you become part of a network consisting of over 160 companies with knowledge workers that develop and market technologies for new products and services. In March of 2012, the Campus entered a new phase, when it was sold to Ramphastos Investments by Philips.

The Hub effect

The fact that Open Innovation is deeply rooted in High Tech Campus Eindhoven is proven by new collaborative efforts which kick off almost daily. More than 80 percent of the 160 companies on a single square kilometre of campus work together at converting technological innovations into business in a short time. These companies and the 11,000 international researchers, developers and entrepreneurs who work for them, all have their own networks of knowledge workers and organisations. These networks come together on the Campus, providing a web of knowledge and business connections. Through the multinationals and research institutes present at the Campus and its close contacts with investors, you're directly connected to key high-tech international networks.

Companies in the Brainport region - to which High Tech Campus Eindhoven is central - have the largest R&D spend of all firms in the Netherlands[1]. The success of these investments is demonstrated by the fact that the Brainport region was elected ‘Smartest region in the World’ in 2011[2]. Forbes has proclaimed Eindhoven to be the world's ‘Most Inventive City’ in 2013.

The secret of this success? We combine the power and benefits of local collaboration with an international approach to markets and talent. International researchers and entrepreneurs bring new technologies to consumers and businesses around the world. The open nature of the Campus has allowed an ecosystem to develop which encompasses international companies and knowledge from over 60 different countries. Everyone is part of the same network and can, therefore, more easily develop relationships and share knowledge.

The Campus is one of the world’s most important High Tech Hubs. Here, you have instant access to the all required knowledge, partners and talent, brought together in a lively cluster of international corporations, startups and research institutes. This makes High Tech Campus Eindhoven an incubator for economic activity and innovation in the fields of Health, Energy and Smart Environments.



Knowledge to inspire

The hallmark of a High Tech Hub is knowledge. Bringing together this knowledge ensures companies and researchers can learn from and inspire each other. The presence of multinationals such as Philips, NXP and Intel, and research institutes such as Holst Centre and Solliance, means there is a wealth of expertise available within High Tech Campus Eindhoven. Knowledge of various complementary technology disciplines leads to inspiring innovations, which are frequently a key part of solutions to major social issues such as climate change and the rising cost and complexity of healthcare.

Such solutions range from the Philips Vital Signs Camera app, which allows patients to easily monitor their own heart rate and breathing, to Civolution’s 2nd Screen Technology which makes watching TV an interactive experience, with real-time syncing to your smartphone or tablet. The groundbreaking ‘Sapiens’ solution with its Deep Brain Stimulation technology for improving treatment of Parkinson's disease was also developed at the Campus.

Business people at the Campus have direct access to the knowledge network which has originated from such innovations. The Strip - the central section of High Tech Campus Eindhoven - forms the heart of this network. Here, you can meet other researchers and entrepreneurs at regular seminars and networking events. Factor in more than 50,000 knowledge workers in the Brainport region and you have an undeniably valuable source of inspiration for specialists, offering plenty of opportunities to further grow your venture.

Resources to create

High Tech Campus Eindhoven facilitates and encourages companies to make use of its knowledge network and turn these into new technologies. We provide the means to translate innovations into business in a short time. As a Campus resident, you have access to shared high-tech facilities such as clean rooms, sophisticated research equipment and research labs, as well as all the knowledge which is required to use these facilities. This allows you to more efficiently invest in R&D and focus on your main goal from day one: innovating quickly and doing business.

The knowledge network, facilitated by the Campus, speeds up this process through Open Innovation partnerships rooted in organisations such as Holst Centre, Solliance and EIT Digital. This means businesses - from start-ups to multinationals - can hook up with existing projects. In this way, Holst Centre brings together companies and researchers in the field of flexible electronics and wireless sensor technology. The result: Open Innovation programs that lead to concrete, commercial solutions. An example is the Human++ program that helps realise healthcare improvement with applications that provide specific care and medication to patients. Support for successfully launching innovations in the market is always close by at High Tech Campus Eindhoven. We can support your business opportunities through, among other things, existing IT and HR expertise, patent agencies and close contacts with investor networks.

Networks to grow

This network of support functions and high-tech specialists and close ties with investors allows you to quickly and easily start up commercial collaborations within High Tech Campus Eindhoven. Take into account the Open Innovation partnerships between industrial partners, and you have a strong network of companies working together as partners, suppliers and customers.

Thanks to the large number of technical, business and social activities and other events we organise, you can quickly connect to the professional and social network at the Campus. High Tech Campus Eindhoven actively brings together knowledge workers and companies, by facilitating online and offline networking events such as HighTechXL, where entrepreneurs, 'mentors' and investors come together to develop promising innovative ideas into concrete business. There is also the monthly Campus Technology Seminar, at which technical experts of the Campus meet. Here they share technical information, knowledge and experience. The Campus Industry Connection initiative brings together R&D engineers and the industry, through inspiring meetings and company visits.

All these collaborations and activities transform the Campus into a 'networked community'. This allows us to bring together all the right kind of knowledge, allowing knowledge workers, larger companies, high-tech SMEs, research and service companies and start-ups to grow.

Great place to work

As a researcher, developer or business owner, you are also a part of this 'networked community'. You’re involved in a close-knit community of knowledge workers from 85 different countries, employed by international companies and research institutes, who contribute to solving social problems through innovation. The layout of High Tech Campus Eindhoven facilitates meeting other residents. On The Strip, for example, the heart of the Campus with its Conference Centre, restaurants, shops and Wellness Centre. This is the ideal place to expand both your business and social networks.

The numerous sports events and other social activities at the Campus ensure that you can quickly get in touch with other professionals. The in-depth technical events we organise regularly, offer opportunities for personal growth and inspiration in your field. Working at High Tech Campus Eindhoven means working at the highest levels of the high-tech sector, in a challenging and inspiring environment.

[1] Source: Technisch Weekblad

[2] Source: The Intelligent Community Forum


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