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Senior Mechanical Engineer (AVOXT)


5656 AE Eindhoven

Language: English
Hours / week: 40


High Tech Campus 27

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Who we are

At AVOXT, we made it our mission to make green hydrogen a cheaper alternative than fossil fuels so we can help accelerate the energy transition. That is why we are creating advanced technologies for extremely efficient hydrogen production.

We are passionate and driven to make an impact in the energy transition so we can ensure a healthy and green planet for ourselves, our children and our grandchildren. We are looking for team members who want to help accelerate the transition to a zero-emission fuel. With you, we will become a major player in industrial hydrogen production systems.

Role description

We are seeking a senior mechanical engineer who can take the lead in combining the electronics and chemical cells into the high-performance system of our next-generation electrolysis. You will work on designing and developing prototypes and eventually the certified final product for the AVOXT next-gen electrolyser system.

You will be one of the initial AVOXT team members and can lay the groundwork for our team expansion. Developing the product will be a team effort and you can help build the team that will become the leaders in our field.


You will be the responsible engineer and architect for the total design and development of the total system, bringing the electrochemical reaction cells and the power electronics together.

This will entail:
• Creating the overall architecture of the system
• Designing and setting up testing systems and plans
• Designing, creating and overseeing the safety system
• Creating a strategy and plan to turn the design into a prototype keeping certification requirements into account
• Setting up a system and plan to test the prototypes
• Developing and enforcing the plan to go from a working prototype to a scaled-up working end product
• Help establish and lead a team to develop the prototypes leading to full electrolyser system in the final product

Required skills

• Experience in designing and developing high explosion risk systems

• In-depth knowledge and experience in designing for structural integrity

• Experienced in quality and safety control

• Experienced in designing for series manufacturing and assembly

• BSc, BEng, MSc, PhEng or PhD in electronic engineering or a comparable field

• Ability to communicate and manage stakeholders from different fields

• Ability to lead and establish a team

• Experience in working with standards and certification

• The ability to clearly translate concepts into executable designs

• Fluent in English

What we offer

• An inclusive and empowering culture based on passion, trust and authenticity

• Highly flexible working conditions with the freedom to design your own working days

• Employee stock options and an attractive salary

• Grow into a leader of your domain role

• Unlimited personal and professional growth

• Located at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, the ultimate high tech open innovation ecosystem as well as the smartest square km in Europe

Other information

• Start ASAP

• Employment: full time (40 hrs/week)

• AVOXT has a hybrid working setting

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