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Touch Biometrix

Touch Biometrix

5656 AE Eindhoven
T: +44(0) 1745 535 221


High Tech Campus 27

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Biometric identity authentication is big business. What todays technology users want is a more convenient and automatic means of being identified when using smart technology. No more passwords. No more security risks. No more spend limitations. With Touch Biometrix's fingerprint sensing platform as soon as you touch your device it knows its you instantly. Touch Biometrix is set to change the user authentication industry for the better.

Who are Touch Biometrix

After over a decade of leading the field in display and touchscreen material technology the founders have validated a market for a new type of fingerprint sensor that will disrupt the authentication industry. With a clear route to market and execution plan Touch Biometrix intend to deliver a revolutionary new type of sensor platform to the electronic display and consumer electronics industry.

Established in 2017
Touch Biometrix is a start-up company founded in 2017 with the express purpose of developing a revolutionary  new fingerprint authentication platform. This will be based on new sensing technology coupled with a new manufacturing model that will deliver high performance fingerprint sensors of any shape or size and at market leading cost points. Touch Biometrix aim to make smart objects even smarter with a new paradigm in user friendly identity authentication.

Our Goal
Our goal is to make identity authentication a seamless user experience in a world of ever smarter technology. No more passwords to remember, the integration of our technology platform will revolutionise the fingerprint sensing industry and make user identification simple, discrete and highly secure. 

Affiliations Worldwide
We're are recognised leaders in the field of display and touchscreen materials and are associated with some of the biggest electronic brands and OEMs in the world. We also act as expert advisors to some of the leading electronics standards bodies and associations.