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32 hours - Vention

Embedded Software Engineer

Job details


We are looking for an Embedded Software Engineer (24 - 40 hours) with affinity for electronics.

About the Job

You will be writing embedded code (mostly in C), to run on our home-grown smart devices. Most of our products feature different sensors, for which you will be writing the firmware. You will be working in close cooperation with our Electrical and Mechanical Engineers.

About Us

Vention is a scale-up company at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, specialising in Embedded Solutions. It is founded and mostly populated by TU/e students, who take on diverse and challenging projects ranging from smart mousetraps to medical wound-healing devices.

We develop embedded products by writing custom algorithms that run on custom built electronics, often featuring wireless connectivity and sensor technology. Primarily focused on Internet of Things solutions and smart and wearable devices, we develop products for many different industries, like the medical, the small industrial and consumer markets.

We are a close, and quickly growing team with skills in Electronics, Software and Mechanics. A lot of our people combine work and study, taking charge of their own schedule, so planning and taking responsibility are key.


- You have experience with embedded C

- You have affinity for Electronics

- You are capable of planning your own hours


- You have experience with LPC/STM32 microcontrollers

- You have experience with MCUXpresso/STM32 System Workbench

- You have experience with git

Job details
  • Embedded C
  • Affinity for Electronics
  • Scale-up company
  • Flexible hours

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