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Discover a laboratory just like in CSI, see how a 3D Food Printer works, build your own airplane, program a robot car, sail on the water of the High Tech Campus, discover tech demos from Philips, VR experiences, the robot band or check the national qualification of the Red Bull Rubik's Cube tournament. The High Tech Campus will open the doors!

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The High Tech Discovery Route for the Dutch Technology Week is planned on Saturday June 9th, 2018. And High Tech Campus Eindhoven is one of the hotspots! This experience is for people of all ages, for professionals and enthusiasts. This day contains lots of discoveries of everyone, there is so much to see and to take part in. Come and visit this event and get the experience of working and living in this high-tech country!

Free entrance for everyone. More info below!

The following companies are joining the Open Doors Day at High Tech Campus Eindhoven on June 9th, 2018:

HTC 11, 26

Philips Innovation labs

In HTC11 research is done on different types of materials; what their composition is, but also how they can change by e.g. sunlight. For this, techniques are used in a chemical lab, but also by means of super-microscopes, for example. As a doctor uses X-rays to look at a broken arm, we look at e.g. metals or plastics. At the same time tests are being executed to check how strong a product is and remains during its lifetime. A real CSI lab!!

HTC26: With a mobile phone it is clear, but every electrical device emits and receives radiation. This must of course be done safely and must not interfere with the operation of the device. In HTC26 we have a number of rooms where we can measure all types of radiation, but also the influence of radiation on the functioning of products. A unique opportunity to look inside this building.

Conference Center


Startup byFlow will change the world in a sustainable way, by radically changing the preparation and experience of food. We are doing this with the best 3D Food Print technology in the world, enabling our customers to create personalized shapes, textures and flavors. Creativity, innovation and hard work are important core values of us. Does your heart beat faster seeing beautiful designs, good food and do you find it important to contribute to the world? Come and take a look at our stand, where you will see our printer at work! 

imec (Holst Centre)

What will the future of wearable technology be like? At imec Netherlands in the Holst Centre we make the technology of tomorrow. Our experts and researchers make everything you can't buy right now. We develop headsets that understands your brain activity and emotions, watches that interpret stress and glasses that track very fast eye movements. 

Bibliotheek Eindhoven, DELA, Simac

Ozobots, Quiver 3D Reality coloring apps, Scratch (create games, animations, stories) and much more is the concept of which the Library Eindhoven focus on the younger kids. Together live working with Tech & Play.


Microsoft / HighTech NL 

In 2025 65% of the students who leave school will work in jobs that do not exist today. Therefore it is important we educate our children for these technology oriented jobs of the future. Stop by at our Microsoft/High Tech NL stand to get in touch with new technologies by practicing to write code, to try out the Hololens or to walk around in the digital world of Minecraft. 

Kulicke & Soffa 

We, from K&S, invite you to have a look at our High Tech pick & place process which is used to assemble printboards of of present electronics like mobile phones, tablets, etc. Originated from Philips and later Assembléon, we have been developing machines for decades with which high quality electronics can be made. We will show you a piece of this process and you can try to put small electronic components very accurately and quickly on a board.


Nexmosphere is specialized in developing elements that will change the way we shop. By combing our elements such as Light, audio, video, pickup and presence sensors a unique shopper experience can be created.  Come and see us and we are happy to tell you all about our exciting field of work and show you some examples of the future of retail.


VEDS Group designs and develops technology for the future. We do this on behalf of our clients, from whom we show a number of products for all interested discoverers. For all ages. From an interactive wall of light to a charging system for electric cars. We are located on the edge of the HTC (25), which is why we have chosen to present ourselves in the Conference Center.


Curious how important it is to have the right part on the right place at the right time in a production process? Discover how MAG45 uses intelligent technologies to make this happen for our customers. And, try out for yourself how it works!

HTC 33, 34, 36

Royal Philips

A route has been laid out to guide you through the three buildings and past more than thirty demos that showcase Philips’ latest developments in the field of medical technology. Enthusiastic employees will be on hand at each demo to tell you everything you want to know. And with a water lab, a robot band, a section of the Microbit Wall and Mad Science along the route, there will be plenty to entertain both young and old.

The Strip (Buiten/Outside)


Join us for a short ride around the campus in a car equipped with NXP solutions that will map your environment with radar technology, and that can communicate wirelessly with other road users via V2X (vehicle-to-X) communication technology!

Corporate Vitality / Campus Health & Sports Club

Campus Health & Sports Club annually organizes various sporting activities for employees on the High Tech Campus, varying from a running event to a football tournament and a nice cycling festival. "Energy for every-body" is our mission! In anticipation of our cycling festival, visitors of the open day can make a vital tour on the "Me-mover", an innovative bicycle where you can use all your muscle groups and view the High Tech Campus in a sporting way.

Eurest (LOKL, The Colour Kitchen, Foodtrucks)

For food and drinks you need to be at The Strip. Eurest opens the doors of The Colour Kitchen, where you can enjoy an extensive lunch or just a nice drink on the waterside. LOKL will also open her doors for a cup of Starbucks coffee or a quick bite. In LOKL we’ll present the 3D Food Printer. 

Water (Buiten/Outside)


Hearttarget helps organisations and teams to get to the next level by offering them inspirational workshops and consultancy. During the Dutch Technology Week Hearttarget aims to inspire more than 800 children (age 7-12) through the possibility to practice various watersport in combination with technical challenges. Hearttarget, in close cooperation with de Duch Watersportverbond, High Tech Campus, Brunel, Philips and Eurest, will create happiness on the pond of High Tech Campus!

HTC 92


Shimano Europe opens the doors of its building at the HTC no 92 from 11.00 – 17.00 hrs. Visitors are more than welcome to join us. You can enjoy a mix of E-bikes, latest bicycle shifting technology, fishing and rowing VR experience.

HTC 96

TMC & Brainport Industries

Meet robot Pepper, join the Lego Robot Battle, build your own airplane or formula 1 car and program a robot car! The Brainport Industries members would like to welcome you at the TMC offices in building 96 for a fun and educative meet and greet with technology. Tech Playgrounds, TMC, KMWE, NTS, Bosch Rexroth, Eriks, SMC, TSG, Lenze, VDL GL Precision, Tegema and Brainport Industries College are waiting for you on June 9th with a lot of cool activities. See you there!

HTC 97 


With the summer ahead, there is nothing better and more fun than being near water. Have you ever sailed in an optimist on the water of the Campus, under professional guidance by Optimist on Tour? Are you wondering how it goes in a real sailing competition? Brunel offers you the chance to see what it is like to sail on a real race boat in huge waves. In a Virtual Reality environment, you will sense what a sailor will experience in the longest and heaviest sailing competition in the world: The Volvo Ocean Race. Imagine yourself in the world of sailing and understand what it is like to be a real sailing professional. In addition, as a technical secondment, we would like to introduce you to technology. Our specialists will guide you into the world of technology in building 97.

The Lounge (The Strip

Red Bull Rubik’s Cube (National kwalification). In this competition the most talented ‘speedcubers’ are being challenged. Those who can solve the Rubik’s Cube the fastest will get a ticket to the World Championships Rubik’s Cube in Boston!

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