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Technical facilities

Do you need a fully functional prototype fast? Does a tough technical issue require specialist technical expertise? Or maybe you simply need specific test and measurement instrumentation. Pleased to meet you! As an innovation service provider, we want you to be successful in delivering your innovations to the market, where they can matter to your customers and society as a whole. Our mission is simple: to accelerate your innovation. Inside and outside Philips, from start-up to multinational. As a High Tech Campus Eindhoven neighbor, it is very easy for you to come by and access our expertise and facilities.

Laser job shop prototyping services (HTC7)

Is your product launch endangered by delays or errors in custom made parts? Are you in need of fast design iterations? Do you want your ‘golden sample’ to be modified? Or are you simply looking for a manufacturing shop that can handle hard copy products in metals, ceramics, silicon, glass and polymers?

More about the laser job shop at the Philips Innovation Services website >

Product prototyping (HTC37)

Do you want to turn your technology idea into a fully functional proof-of-concept demonstrator? Do you have a clear view on your product, but the documentation is not yet ready? Or would you rather spend your budget on R&D than on production infrastructure and component stock?

More about product prototyping at the Philips Innovation Services website >

Instrumentation service (HTC29)

Do you need a specific set of measuring instruments for each project? Are you looking for a reliable source to have your oscilloscopes calibrated or repaired or your microscope maintained? Or maybe you just need advice on how to use your electrical instrumentation?

More about instrumentation at the Philips Innovation Services website >

Technical support and technology consultants (HTC34)

Is a tough technical challenge slowing your project down? Do you need an out-of-the box solution using TRIZ problem solving? Or maybe you need to get to the root of a tough quality problem? Or do you lack Six Sigma competence in your team, now?

More technical support at the Philips Innovation Services website >

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