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Curious Tom - film about high tech hub Eindhoven

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Innovations in tech & design make Eindhoven flourish. Brainport Eindhoven is one of the most innovative high tech hubs in Europe. At High Tech Campus Eindhoven more than 12.000 researchers and developers are working in 200 high tech companies, the city has a University for Technology, a startup accelerator called HighTechXL and thanks to Philips, ASML, NXP, TomTom, Holst Centre, Intel & Shimano the city is famous all over the world.

In the documentary 'Curious Tom', the 11-year-old Tom gets informed and inspired by all kind of technologies and innovations that are being created in Eindhoven. Read in Dutch.

Watch the full documentary (35 min):

Why the world needs a film like this, tells Ingelou Stol: ‘When you look at other high tech hubs as Boston or Silicon Valley, they all have cool films to show what is happening over there', explains the Communication Manager of High Tech Campus Eindhoven. 'Eindhoven is also a global technological hotspot, which deserves the spotlight as well.'

That's why the High Tech Campus took the initiative – together with production partner House of Yellow - to make a film about the high tech in the region. Hilde de Vocht, Director Marketing & Communications of High Tech Campus Eindhoven: 'Curious Tom is not just about the Campus. It’s also about for example the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), Strijp S and the city center. We believe that collaboration is what makes us strong as a high tech region.’

What is special about the film is that it's made through the eyes of a 11-year-old child. 'It’s so disarming', Ingelou says. 'Not only for the viewer, but also for the people we interviewed in the documentary. The interviews turned out to be very surprising and inspiring. The high tech heroes (like John Baekelmans of imec, Helen Kardan of TNO, Hans de Jong of Philips and Maarten Steinbuch of TU/e) really wanted to make Tom enthusiastic about their creations.'

When we asked Ingelou if there are already plans for a sequel, she smiles. 'At the premiere of the documentary in January 2019, a little girl said to me: I would like a sequel. But with a girl. And I couldn't agree more!'

Pictures of the big premiere on January 18th, 2019:

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