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SeedTech B.V. is a start-up R&D Biotech company in the field of Agriculture, Agrifood and Life Science.

The aim is to develop new hemp varieties. Through high-tech breeding applications, SeedTech wants to develop new stable and uniform varieties that are suitable for specific end-markets such as the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, recreational and food industry. SeedTech is responsible for developing breeding programs based on specific PMC’s (Product-Market-Combinations). Various breeding programs are carried out worldwide under the leadership of SeedTech. The developed genetics will be released in the market as starting material for professional and licensed cultivators.

Due to the growing legalizations, there is a strongly growing demand for uniform hybrid varieties with specific characteristics. Think of CBD-rich varieties, which are suitable for the extraction of CBD oil and although CBD products are not yet recognized as an official medicine, they are already widely used as an analgesic and sedative substance.

Because this is a new industry, major steps are still to be made in the field of breeding and biotechnological applications. In addition, SeedTech works closely with various national and international partners within the field of agriculture, breeding and biotechnology.

  • High Tech Campus 10
  • 5656 AE
  • Eindhoven
  • +31 6 51402726
  • Email
  • Website

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