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We are providing OEM and ODM products (card, product and system) to medium and large-scale local and foreign companies leaders of their sector and in need of electronic solutions; offering services for the redesign and pricing of the current products; adding value to all companies we are working with and playing an active role in rapid growth of the Turkish Economy. Pavo is one of the few Turkish companies which focus on “Research-Development” concept in our country and the neighboring region striving to transit from industrial society to information society, which allocate nearly the whole amount of its annual income to the R&D and which work with practically all sectors.

Its own operating system as well as the library and the software units developed specifically by Pavo, with its core competencies including “Embedded – Analogue – Communication – Control System design and Industrial – Mechanical Systems Design”, makes sure that it is one step ahead when designing products in each new project.

Aware of the fact that technology closely affects the economy as well as social structure and prosperity level of the people Pavo targets having a say in the “technological competition” and designs and produces technologies and products pioneering in the world.

To this end, Pavo ensures that the understanding of high technology should be fully adopted in our country, offers innovative solutions and gains significant achievements with its vision of exporting these solutions.

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