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Last Mile Solution is a specialist in developing mobility solutions for the last mile. We play a pivotal role in a network of partners that want to innovate, but also strive for sustainable and circular entrepreneurship. This results in multiple advantages! By collaborating with partners, we combine existing knowledge and avoid expensive management layers. By doing this, we leave the sideline and build the future ourselves!

What is Last Mile Delivery?
“Why do things the hard way?”, is a way of thinking that has gained popularity throughout recent years. Nowadays, everyone is able to order whatever they need on the internet. As a consequence, every order needs to be delivered directly to the front door, instead of a central hub. Subsequently, various transportation challenges emerge. Last mile delivery is a common term referring to the last step of this delivery process; the one from distribution point to its final destination. That last step gets more and more challenging because of the rise of e-commerce. And if there is one thing we like at Last Mile Solution, it is a challenge!

Our vehicles
Last Mile Solution’s vehicles are ready for the future. They are smaller, smarter and more sustainable. Think for example of small, refrigerated vans, cargo bikes, delivery vans or robots, and autonomous drones. By possessing a broad spectrum of vehicles, we are able to offer a suitable solution for every transportation challenge. Moreover, the usage of data results in solutions that are smarter and more efficient. Because the future starts now.

Climate Car
One of the finest examples of a mobility solution, is Climate Car. This is a refrigerated car, which has an electrically-driven cooling engine. We’re aiming for innovation towards a sustainable drive in the future. As for all products created by Last Mile Solution, Climate Car is the result of a combination between knowledge and ability, provided by our network of partners. Sustainable, efficient and smart. Share your thoughts and participate!

Join Us!
Last Mile Solution builds the future. And we are not doing that just by ourselves. Moreover, by functioning as a ‘co-op’ platform, we are able to bring together as much knowledge and ability as possible. At the same time, we strive for sustainable and circular entrepreneurship. By functioning as the core of a broad network, we stimulate innovation and knowledge sharing. We do this with people that share the same philosophy, and therefore find ways to discover new mobility innovations. Join us!

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