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Our mission is to help organisations secure their future by creating, organising and delivering innovation in a rapidly digitising world.

InnoAdds is a professional organisation with people who have in-depth knowledge and experiences in innovation. We ‘connect you to the new’, in a way that simplifies complexity, building lasting partnerships for future value creation.

Innovation is in the DNA of our people. We have proven track records at first class organisations shaping and driving innovation. We bring decades of practical and academic experiences and a network of digital enthusiasts to support you in all aspects of digital innovation and transformation.

We create higher value from your innovation in a professional and personalised partnership. We help private and public, large and small, government and non-government organisations with creating future value by:

- assessing existing innovation organisations, functions and activities

- developing innovation strategies and improvement plans

- implementing strategies and improvements

- …in a hands-on and personalised way!

  • High Tech Campus 27
  • 5656AE
  • Eindhoven
  • Website

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