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EZ Factory

5656 AE Eindhoven
T: +31 (0) 6 39 787 430


High Tech Campus 9

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Our passion: power to the operator!
We want to make factory floor operations easier by using digital solutions. The founders of EZ Factory have worked side by side with operators for years and learned from this experience. In every factory they saw the same challenges:

  1. Low safety awareness as paper task registrations and audit trails are difficult to monitor
  2. Quality issues as poor execution of non-updated tasks result in quality defects and recalls
  3. Low productivity as execution and follow-up of checks, audits and tasks takes up a lot of time
  4. Long downtime as execution of first-hand maintenance tasks is poor due to lack of overview
  5. With current practices it is hard to offer operators direct, clear, and up-to-date instructions
  6. It’s even more difficult to allow operators to contribute to continuous process improvement
  7. Finally, it’s hard to effectively empower operators to be committed and manage their work autonomously

That’s why we asked ourselves: how could we help the operator and make the company perform better?

Made by operators
One of our answers to this question is the EZ-GO app. We have developed this together with operators from renowned companies. They told us what they needed and together with a designer we translated that into an user-friendly app, in which images and videos are key elements. EZ-GO is easy to use: you log in and know at a glance what your core tasks will be for that day. This enhances safety, quality and efficiency.

100% satisfied customers
Several companies are already working with EZ-GO. Our customers are multinationals and SMEs. From operator to director: everyone is enthusiastic. After a trial period, all customers are excited to continue using our apps, and independently roll out the EZ-GO app to other production lines and locations. In everything we do, we always put the interests of our customers first. We work side by side with our customers and help to determine and achieve success factors.

We focus on the operator
With our visual apps and standardized processes, we want to make daily work easier and therefore more fun. What is unique to EZ-GO is that we focus on the operator. Our slogan is: ”Power to the Operator!” After all, this is the man or woman on the factory floor who performs the tasks and can identify where and how processes may be optimized. Our goal is therefore to make their daily work easy and the operator happy!