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Neutron-based scanning system

Dynaxion is a deep tech start-up located in Eindhoven (The Netherlands). We are developing a new generation scanning system for non-invasive and fully automated substance identification for security purposes. The device accurately scans parcels and suitcases for drugs, explosives and other dangerous and illicit goods. 

The Dynaxion scanning system utilizes a novel RFQ (Radio Frequency Quadrupole) particle accelerator to create a beam of neutrons that is used to scan objects. Through the use of the latest detector technology and Artificial Intelligence algorithms, substances can be accurately identified. The scanner is non-invasive and fully automated. The Dynaxion scanner will increase the efficiency of the screening process, resulting in lower costs and safer transportation of goods in international travel and trade.


  • Accurate and precise material identification at atomic level
  • Fully automated & non-invasive
  • Save time and costs in the security screening process
  • Enhance global safety and security

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