October: Try out meditation for beginners

01 Oct 2018 - 31 Oct 2018

Do you have a demanding life? Does your work require a fit sharp brain? Then lunch meditations might be something for you. Come and try! Join are open "lunch" sessions on High Tech Campus.

Since 10 years free meditation sessions are given at High Tech Campus. They take place on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. The meditation group welcomes people from all meditation backgrounds and experience, beginners or seasoned. If you are a beginner, the host will be happy to assist you with the first two important elements: posture and breath. The rest is just a matter of letting go and regular practice!

As there is not a one size fits all, we offer a variety of meditations.

• On Monday Swati gives a guided session, which is a combination of yoga, breathing and meditation. Breathing techniques and meditation is a powerful life-skills tool, which teaches us how to be productive and dynamic while staying cool and centered. It empowers an individual to reach their highest potential. 
• On Tuesday Michel gives a guided meditation. This typically starts with the foundations: posture, breath, and mindset. The sessions are organized in cycles of 5 or 6 weeks, where we build on a particular theme, like ego, compassion, happiness, fear, thoughts, awareness, etc.
• On Thursday Frank hosts a silent meditation. In this session, there is no guidance. Everyone follows his/ her preferred practice.


“Meditation allows me to divide the work day in half and start the second part with a clear, uncluttered and relaxed mind. It is definitely worth the time we spend on meditation.”

Philips employee, who visits Thursday meditations

Practical information

• Sessions are given in the farm (HTC 61) from 12:15 to 12:40. If this location is not available we announce another location via mail.
• Every meditation day an invite is send. If you want to receive it, please subscribe at
• Feel free to join one of our open sessions in the first week of October. If you want to join any other time, you’re of course also very welcome.
• If you have experience with meditation and would like to contribute by hosting sessions, we are also happy to meet you. 

About the Trainers

Michel Decré is a certified master in the Japanese Way of Tea (Urasenke Kyoto School), and practices zen meditation since more than 20 years. He has meditated a.o. under the guidance of Zen teacher Wanda Sluyter (zeneindhoven), and Yamada Sosho Osho (Shinju-an, Daitokuji, Kyoto), in retreats and sesshins, and has contributed to the guided meditation at High Tech Campus from the beginning.

Swati Kunwar is a certified meditation teacher with almost 5 years of experience. She has been trained under " Tlex Institute "  and works strategically with different corporate for stress management and anti-burnout. 

Frank Rutten started with meditation ~6 years ago, guided by our own teacher Michel. During his first year, Frank transformed from curiosity to devotion, eventually leading to being a host. Nowadays, each day starts with a meditation at home and every Thursday, Frank will be your host in The Farm!

Corporate Vitality BV 

The meditation groups on High Tech Campus are powered by Corporate Vitality BV. A company that focusses on sustainable employability in campus company's such as ASML and NXP. They provide Health, Vitality & Sport programs in there integral "employee adventure concept".  Corporate Vitality establisched Campus Health & Sports Club in 2017 where they have an ambition to make High Tech Campus do most vital campus of Europe. With inspiring Events, healthservices and sportprograms they want to give "Energie to everybody" and make High Tech Campus "the greatest place to work" . 

Vital people, smart people. It's the perfect match! 

October: Try out meditation for beginners
  • Date: 01 Oct 2018
  • Start time: 12.00 u
  • End time: 13.00 u
  • Venue: De Boerderij
  • Website

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