High Tech Campus Eindhoven encourages the reduction of CO2 emissions by Campus residents. The Campus has therefore provided facilities for carpooling.

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Bicycle Repair Service

The Campus has its own bicycle repair service. Anyone can take their bicycle to HTC 33 for preventive and corrective maintenance. It is also the address for new and used bicycles.

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Campus bikes

The Campus bicycles are intended for use by everyone on the Campus site.

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The Campus promotes sustainability. Do you?

With its open, green and park-like grounds, the Campus is a wonderful place to work. But more than that, it shows what we stand for. At the Campus there is a clear focus on sustainability and sustainable enterprise. And we want our residents to be closely involved in this.

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Charging point electric car

There are more than 20 charging points / charging poles at the Campus. They are placed in parking garages: P0, P2, P3 West, P3 East, P4 West, P4 East, P6 and near 'De Boerderij' (HTC 61).

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Public Transport

More information about traveling by public transport.

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The basic assumption of the parking policy is that all employees and visitors to the Campus should be able to park safely and within walking distance of their building.

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Smart Transport Links

Join the Smart Transport Community by making use of flexible and sustainable transport methods. See the following links for great ideas.

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